Our Manifesto: Why we think now is the perfect time to create a collaborative and sustainable economy.

Using the unity we feel in times of crisis to transition from and old system to a new one – and transform the fashion industry.

One positive upside to the pandemic and the economic crisis is the vastly improved perception for new business approaches that align their values with nature and which fundaments are built upon the principles of a sharing economy. 

We believe now is the time for transparency and unity. The way we have organized ourselves up until this point has promoted values that created distances between businesses and consumers.

Now, especially with the global quest for truly sustainable solutions the shiny, intransparent, old world of marketing seems like a misfit to what many young businesses seek to promote and create. 

Together we can craft a new world economy in which exposing problems and being brutally honest about not having the perfect answer yet, does not harm companies but sparks inspiration for collaboration and sharing all needed information to help one another succeed.

After all we are sitting in the same spaceship, together! #spaceshipearth

We envision a new world economy that is the integral driver for positive contribution to the whole

We believe in coexistence rather than brutal competition. So far collaboration has been mostly only attractive if it was for the sake of both side’s personal gain. We believe collaboration for the growth and achievement of shared goals will put the concept of collaboration to a new level that is good for everyone, including our planet.

 We believe that engaging even with your most strict critics in your movement and communication rather than building barriers that will ultimately create ignorance on both sides, is the key for a new level of communication.

We believe in unconventional ways to tell stories and how to operate. Business is the most fun for everyone if it’s collaborative and authentic. We believe that we’ve been too busy spending energy on trying to be perfect in the past. Businesses would only dare to show themselves to the public if they felt they have developed a polished product. Let’s instead channel that energy into creativity and enticing ways to build our businesses.

“Houston, we have a solution.”

We are at home in the fashion industry, so that’s where we are going to apply this new approach!

Our mission is to unlock the best prices for the best products in order to unleash a fashion industry that is affordable and good for everyone – including our planet.
We believe sustainability is a process. Sustainable fashion will only be able to establish itself as the new standard when it gets as available as fast fashion is today. Our goal is to make the value chain so efficient that the according prices can become a reality. We will transparently document our complete journey, highlighting details and constantly working with the feedback of our community.

We invite everyone to translate the principles of a new, sharing economy into action and create tangible solutions for their industry.


Daniel Welzel
Daniel is one of two co-founders of UPTOUS. He and his co-founder Wolfgang, are on a quest to create the best possible fashion products for the best possible prices to allow sustainable fashion to elevate from luxury to the new global standard.